Ultrasonic hearing: transient evoked otoacoustic emissions elicited by bone-conducted ultrasonic stimuli

Nicolae Schiopu, Hans Kunov, Poul B. Madsen


The existence of Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAEs) due to bone-conducted near-ultrasonic stimulation is assumed and a suitable investigation method is developed. Ultrasonic bone-elicited TEOAEs are recorded and their main features examined. Results show similarities of the ultrasonic bone-elicited TEOAEs to conventionally-elicited TEOAEs regarding stimulus and response amplitude dependency, duration of the stimulus artifact and of the active response of the ear. The frequency spectrum of TEOAEs show high frequency components, suggesting the method's potential as a fast screening method for the whole audiometric frequency range.


Acoustic emissions; Microphones; Piezoelectricity; Ultrasonic applications; Bone conductor drives; Signal generator; Transient evoked otoacoustic emissions; Ultrasonic hearing

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