ISO 1996 "Acoustics - Description and measurement of environmental noise" round robin testing

W.J. Gastmeier, J.L. Feilders


The CSA 107.53 Working Group of the Industrial Noise Subcommittee of the Canadian Standards Association has been actively involved in the endorsement of ISO 1996 Standard "Acoustics-Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise" in Canada. Prior to endorsing methods to assess environmental noise and predict the potential annoyance response of a community to outdoor long term noise exposure, the working group conducted a round robin testing to determine if it could be applied consistently in the Canadian context. Each of the seven round robin participants was instructed to use the measurement equipment and techniques they would normally use in assessing environmental sound. Results were measured and reported in terms of the LLM (Logarithmic Mean Impulse Sound Level) and the Case 1 Rating Level.


Harmonic analysis; Loudspeakers; Microphones; Noise pollution; Environmental noise; Round robin testing; Sound level

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