Comparison of experimental and modeled insertion loss of a complex multi-chamber muffler

Helen Ule, Colin Novak, Ramani Ramakrishnan, Robert Gaspar


The effectiveness of using a theoretical model as a design tool for automotive muffler applications was investigated. Theoretical insertion loss of the computer model compared favorably to those determined from the experiments. It was shown that the sound pressure level (SPL) without the muffler was greater than the SPL with the muffler. Addition of the spectral information gave a total SPL of 97.4 dB without the muffler and 82.2 dB with the muffler. An insertion loss of about 15 dB was obtained.


Acoustic emissions; Acoustic noise; Computer simulation; Exhaust systems (engine); Finite difference method; Insertion losses; Automotive noise emissions; Multi-chamber mufflers

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