Obtaining the vocal-tract area function from the vowel sound

Huiqun Deng, Michael P. Beddoes, Rabab K. Ward, Murray Hodgson


Accurate estimation of the vocal-tract area function (VTAF) requires the vocal-tract filter (VTF) estimated from a vowel signal should not contain the influence of the glottal wave, and the influence of the non-ideal glottal and lip boundary conditions. The method for eliminating the influence of the glottal wave on the VTF estimation from a vowel sound signal is developed. This paper investigates the effect of non-ideal glottal and lip boundary conditions on the estimation of the VTAF.


Acoustic impedance; Acoustic wave reflection; Boundary conditions; Computer simulation; Magnetic resonance imaging; Speech recognition; Transfer functions; X rays; Vocal tract area function; Vocal tract filter; Vowel sound

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