On transmission of structure borne power from wood studs to gypsum board mounted on resilient metal channels - Part 1: Force and moment transmission

Andreas Mayr, T.R.T. Nightingale


The assumptions relating to power flow as a function of position and number of fasteners between the gypsum board and RC's was examined. It was observed that studs had both a rotational and translation motion but the translation displacement coupled more strongly than rotation. It was also observed that if the rotation velocity was less than or equal to the translation velocity, then structure borne transmission due to the rotation component could be ignored for frequencies below 2500 Hz. The results show that there is little effect associated with either the location or the number of fasteners attaching the gypsum board to the RC's about 315 Hz.


Approximation theory; Frequencies; Functions; Power transmission; Radiation; Statistical methods; Energy density; Gypsum boards; Stud energy; Total loss factor (TLF)

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