Noise level and its perception by commuters in urban buses of Curitiba

Adriana Lacerda, Angela Ribas, Jair Mendes, Paulo Andrade


The aim of this study was to evaluate the sound pressure level in commuter buses, as well as investigate the resulting hearing perception of commuters about the bus noise levels. This was accomplished by measuring the noise levels inside city buses as well as through a questionnaire completed by 808 commuters. This questionnaire requested information about vehicle characterization, noise perception inside the buses (noise presence, intensity, causes and effects), bus stations, and bus stops in different areas of Curitiba. The maximum noise level inside the vehicles was 81 dB (A), which is a high value since the World Health Organization (WHO) considers that a sound above 70 dB (A) may be harmful to human beings. The survey showed that although the noise was not considered as one of the main factors which cause discomfort in buses, commuters were able to identify the noise sources inside the buses. Commuters aslo complained about the noxious effects of the noise, such as irritability and headaches.


Acoustic waves; Audition; Buses; Immunology; Information analysis; Metabolism; Vehicles; Automobile traffic; Noise rate; Sound pollution; World Health Organization (WHO)

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