Comparison of subjective and objective ratings of intelligibility of speech recordings

Bradford N. Gover, John S. Bradley


Some results regarding the evaluation of the intelligibility of speech recordings made under controlled conditions with a variety of microphone systems are presented. The intelligibility of speech recordings made in rooms and other spaces can be affected by a range of factors, including reverberation, noise, distance from talker to microphone, and properties of the microphone system itself. Test speech sentences were recorded, and the intelligibility of those recordings was determined by a subjective listening test. Recordings of test speech sentences were made under controlled conditions in 4 test spaces having widely varying acoustical properties. The intelligibility results for recordings made with four of the microphone systems at one location within each test space showed that the scores for the 2-channel recordings were always higher than the corresponding 1-channel recordings.


Microphones; Recording instruments; Speech analysis; Acoustical properties; Microphone systems

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