The ANSI standard S12. 68-2007 method of estimating effective a-weighted sound pressure levels when hearing protectors are worn: A canadian perspective

Jérémie Voix, Alberto Behar, Willy Wong


The Canadian ANSI standard S12.68-2007 method has been developed as a method of estimating effective A-weighted sound pressure levels after wearing hearing protective devices (HPD). The two percentile values would represent the sound attenuation that most individually trained users to achieve or exceed and that a few motivated proficient users to achieve or exceed. The Canadian workplaces of the NOISH 100 spectrum is used and a comprehensive analysis is conducted by Berger and Gauger. A field validation of Canadian workplace is required and would consist in the statistical comparison of field attenuation data. The developments of ANSI standard S12.68-2007 method provides 3 different practical tools to estimate from laboratory data the attenuation that user achieve in the field. The use and reference of ANSI standard S12.68-2007 method by the Canadian standards could be considered, after successful conduction of validation.


Acoustic variables measurement; Acoustic wave transmission; Ultrasonics; Ansi standards; Attenuation datum; Comprehensive analysis; Field validations; Hearing protectors; Practical; Protective devices; Sound attenuations; Sound pressure levels; Statistical comparisons

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