Numerical model of a thermoacoustic engine

Omar Hireche, Catherine Weisman, Diana Baltean-Carlès, Maurice X. François, Patrick Le Quéé, Luc Bauwens


A numerical model of a thermoacoustic engine is presented. An asymptotically consistent small Mach number model of a complete thermoacoustic engine has been developed. The model couples linear acoustics in the resonator with a low Mach number flow model for the acoustically compact assembly stack and heat exchangers. Acoustics provide two equations relating acoustic pressure in the compact heat exchanger section to the velocities at the two interfaces. Integration of the energy equation in the heat exchangers over the heat exchangers computational domain results in a third one, relating the velocities at the two ends to heat transfer. Solving the three equations completes the acoustic formulation and provides boundary conditions to the numerical low mach number.


Acoustic equipment; Acoustics; Aerodynamics; Boundary value problems; Compressibility; Mach number; Numerical methods; Photoacoustic effect; Powders; Solar water heaters; Acoustic formulations; Acoustic pressures; Compact heat exchangers; Computational domains; Consistent; Energy equations; Low mach numbers; Numerical models; Thermoacoustic engines; Two equations

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