Experimental studies on the in-plane vibrations and sound radiation in an annular thick disk

Salem Bashmal, Rama Bhat, Subash Rakheja


A study was conducted to demonstrate experimental investigations on the in-plane vibrations of thick plates with non-uniform boundary conditions. The natural frequencies of an annular disk supported at one point were measured and compared with values measured for free support conditions. The Rayleigh-Ritz method was used to demonstrate the use of boundary characteristic orthogonal polynomials as admissible functions in a three dimensional analysis to obtain the natural frequencies and the associated mode shapes analytically. The free in-plane vibration of the disk was assumed to have sinusoidal variations along the circumferential direction of the disk.


Natural frequencies; Three dimensional; Admissible functions; Annular disk; Boundary characteristics; Circumferential direction; Experimental investigations; Experimental studies; In-plane vibration; Mode shapes; Non-uniform boundary conditions; Orthogonal polynomial; Rayleigh-Ritz methods; Sinusoidal variations; Sound radiations; Support conditions; Thick disk; Thick plate; Three-dimensional analysis

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