Experimental Evaluation Of Acoustic Characteristics Of Ball Straw Walls

Abderraouf Trabelsi, Zied Kammoun


Natural fibres are becoming a valid alternative for sound absorption treatments at a reduced cost. Indeed, these fibres generally present good insulation properties and presents no health hazard.
To insulate industrial, road traffic and railroad noises, straw ball can be envisaged as insulation materials. Thus, This paper presents an investigation in the characterizations of acoustic walls developed from straw ball. In order to protect straw fibres and improve the mechanical behaviour, a second variant of straw wall is made with ball straw immersed in the cement slurry.
The experimental tests, have been conducted in an open space to predict acoustic performances and measure absorption coefficient, Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and transmission factor. The acoustic properties are determined by experiments at frequency intervals between 125 Hz and 4000 Hz. Simulation shows a very good acoustic performances for the straw ball wall, with the absorption of more than 70 % of the incident noise for medium and high frequencies and the transmission of no more then 21% of the incident noise for all studied cases.


Sound reduction / Straw fiber / Straw ball wall / Absorption coefficient / Transmission factor/ NRC

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