Vibro-acoustic behavior of a plane radiator in the case of impact excitation

D. Trentin, F. Laville


In order to understand and reduce impact generated noise, the acoustic radiation due to the impact of a sphere on a plane, semi-complex structure (plate with general boundaries where point masses and stiffeners can be added) has been modelled. First, the force generated during impact is obtained with a time domain approach because of the nonlinearity of the problem. Second, a variational approach in the frequency domain allows the impact response and sound radiation from the structure to be calculated. A first application case to a plastic granulator is given. The theoretical model enables one to design a special impact reduction structure (thin street metal+elastic layer) and a noise reduction of 8 dB(A) was obtained


acoustic noise; acoustic radiators; impact (mechanical); noise abatement; variational techniques; vibrations; vibro-acoustic behaviour; Hertz contact law; plane radiator; impact excitation; impact generated noise; semi-complex structure; plate; point masses; stiffeners; time domain approach; variational approach; frequency domain; impact response; plastic granulator; impact reduction structure; 8 dB

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