An analytical approach for the frequency response of a multilayer disc

B. Cournoyer, N. Atalla, J. Nicolas


The vibro-acoustic design of multilayer structures is becoming more and more important but also quite difficult to model due to the complexity of such structures. The first step to get over it is to find a simple yet accurate formulation to treat the case of a constrained viscoelastic layer. Multilayer discs are commonly used in many mechanical systems: grinding wheels, gears, circular saw blades, . . . This paper presents a model of such an arrangement and the determination of both its natural frequencies and mean quadratic velocity. For this purpose, a multilayer disc excited by a harmonic point force is used. The determination of the free and forced frequency responses is achieved through a variational approach combined with a Rayleigh-Ritz type approximation


variational techniques; vibrations; free vibration; vibroacoustics; analytical approach; frequency response; multilayer disc; multilayer structures; constrained viscoelastic layer; natural frequencies; mean quadratic velocity; harmonic point force; forced frequency responses; Rayleigh-Ritz type approximation

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