Broad-band active noise reduction in communication headsets by digital feedforward control

G.J. Pan, A.J. Brammer, R.A. Goubran, J.G. Ryan, J. Zera


Communication headsets are frequently required to operate in environments in which acoustic noise interferes with the intelligibility of speech. The noise reduction obtained using conventional headsets, which commonly consist of an earphone mounted in a circumaural hearing protector is known to be insufficient for some applications at low frequencies. For this reason, `active' noise reduction (ANR), in which a corrective sound is generated electro-acoustically to reduce the combined sound field at a desired location, has been proposed for reducing the noise at the ears. The purpose of the present work is to explore the performance obtainable with a digital ANR system for such applications, based on the use of a circumaural headset and a floating-point digital signal processor (DSP). This paper reports our initial results


acoustic noise; acoustic signal processing; digital signal processing chips; headphones; noise abatement; communication headsets; digital feedforward control; intelligibility; noise reduction; circumaural hearing protector; corrective sound; floating-point digital signal processor

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