Acoustic emission of silica gel


  • C. Kilkenny Laurentian Univ, Sudbury, Canada
  • M.F. Leach Laurentian Univ, Sudbury, Canada
  • D.E. Goldsack Laurentian Univ, Sudbury, Canada


Effects, Infrared spectroscopy, Particle size analysis, Scanning electron microscopy, Silica gel, Booming sand, Carrier frequency


The effects of particle size and sample size on the acoustic emissions of silica gel are studied. The composition of silica gel particles is also examined. The hypothesis that there is a layer of amorphous silica gel on booming sand which is necessary for its musicality shows that there is also a layer on the silica gel particles. By using a scanning electron microscope, a layer around the silica gel core is detected on various silica gel particles. This layer is found to be composed on the same material as the core but possessing a different density, mainly due to the presence of water.




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Kilkenny C, Leach M, Goldsack D. Acoustic emission of silica gel. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1997 Dec. 1 [cited 2021 Oct. 19];25(4):28-. Available from:



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