INTER-NOISE 2017: Conference Updates

INTER-NOISE 2017, the 46th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, will be held in Hong Kong, China, between 27 and 30 August 2017. The Congress is organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, in conjunction with NVH Branch, Society of Automotive Engineering China and the Acoustical Society of China.

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Acoustics exhibition at the Musée de la Nature et des Sciences in Sherbrooke (QC)

The Musée de la Nature et des Sciences in Sherbrooke will feature an exhibition on Acoustics.  
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Philip Tsui appointed as webmaster for Canadian Acoustical Association

Philip Tsui, has recently accepted to act as our new webmaster, and will be in charge of our core website, the journal website and the conference website.
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Prof. Michael Kiefkte appointed as Associate Editor for Speech Sciences

Prof. Michael Kiefkte, has recently accepted the position of Associate Editor for Speech Sciences for Canadian Acoustics.  
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CAA is now social!

Canadian Acoustical Association is moving to the social media!  
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Looking for a job in Acoustics?

There are many job offers listed on the website of the Canadian Acoustical Association!  
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