Fast and accurate 3D acoustic propagation and inversion in layered media environments

James W. Wiskin, D.T. Borup, S.A. Johnson


A layered Green's function is used to solve the problem involving forward scattering from large objects in a 3D layered environment. After developing the 3D Lippmann-Schwinger equation for layered media and listing its benefits and disadvantages compared with other numerical methods, several examples of forward scattering are computed using the integral equation with GL and an independent method. In the forward problems, the acoustic wavespeed, density, thickness, and attenuation of the layers in which the object is buried are known, and the total field that results when a known incident field is projected on a scatterer is determined with known parameter values.


Acoustic wave velocity; Attenuation; Density (specific gravity); Green's function; Integral equations; Mathematical models; Problem solving; Lippmann-Schwinger equation

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