Traceability for Canadian acoustical standards


  • George S. K. Wong Inst. for Natl. Msrmt. Standards, National Research Council, Ottawa, Ont. KIA 0R6, Canada


Acoustic measuring instruments, Calibration, Standards, Primary acoustical standards


Acoustical measurements in Canada are traceable to the primary acoustical standards maintained at INMS, NRC. In reality this may not be true since most of the users of acoustical measuring instruments in Canada may not realize the importance and understand the process of establishing traceability of a laboratory. There are two paths to establish traceability. A direct path, that is, a national metrology institute (NMI), calibrates an artefact that is used as a reference for measurement. The NMI may be a laboratory that has mutual recognition agreement with NRC. An indirect path may be traceable via laboratories that are accredited under the Calibration Laboratory Assessment Service (CLAS) program jointly administered by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and INMS. The latter provides technical support for the program.

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