Noise generation by agitated industrial liquid masses


  • A. Warsame Concordia Univ, Montreal, Canada
  • I. Stuharu Concordia Univ, Montreal, Canada
  • R.B. Bhat Concordia Univ, Montreal, Canada


Acoustic noise measurement, Acoustic wave transmission, Pressure effects, Turbulent flow, Agitation, Liquid baths


Acoustic noise is generated when a mass of fluid pass another fluid mass or a flexible solid with considerable relative velocity and the shear which results in turbulence and pressure fluctuation. The high noise levels from the industrial liquid baths that are used to cool the wires from the wire drawing industry were examined. The noise generated in agitated liquid masses were measured at different speeds of the lid of the container. A container filled with liquid was agitated using rotating blades. Spectral decomposition of the noise and relation to the motor speed, number of blades, density of liquid and presence of vortices were studied further.

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