Overview of COMET software


  • S.T. Raveendra Automated Analysis Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States


Acoustic holography, Boundary element method, Computer aided analysis, Computer simulation, Elasticity, Finite element method, Graphical user interfaces, Porous materials, Noise analysis, Software package COMET


COMET, a computational simulation tool based on finite element and boundary element methods, was developed to model sound propagation in fluid, structural and elastic porous domains. The tool contains a graphical user interface (GUI) called COMET/Vision and a family of solvers grouped under COMET/Acoustics. The uncoupled boundary element analysis (BEA) module of COMET considers the effect of vibration on the sound field and assumed negligible effect of sound field on vibrations. Various other modules such as coupled BEA, uncoupled finite element analysis (FEA), statistical acoustic foam engineering (SAFE) and generalized nearfield acoustical holography (NAH) are discussed with respect to COMET software.

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