Comparison of SEA and PFFEA predictions of in-air and underwater radiated noise from a ring-stiffened cylinder

Layton E. Gilroy


The in-air and underwater experiments performed with a ring-stiffened cylinder are described. Broadband excitation was employed for the measurement of input mobility's response along with the resulting radiated noise in-air and underwater. These data were compared by statistical energy analysis (SEA) and power flow finite element analysis (PFFEA). The radiated noise predictions were made with a boundary element based post-processing software. SNAP, embodiment of PFFEA, underpredicted exterior radiated noise while SEAM, a software implementation of SEA, underpredicted interior noise.


Acoustic noise measurement; Cylinders (shapes); Finite element method; Mathematical models; Statistical methods; Vibrations (mechanical); Power flow finite element analysis (PFFEA); Ring-stiffened cylinder; Software package SEAM; Software package SNAP; Statistical energy analysis (SEA); Underwater radiated noise

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