Comparative investigation of muffler models

C. Novak, H. Ule, R. Gaspar


The feasibility of using simplified theoretical modeling equations was studied as a preliminary step in the design process for exhaust muffler systems. In particular, the results were compared to the results of a computer model. Furthermore, the results of a relatively simple computer model were then compared to the results of a very complex computer simulation model of a muffler system complete with a modeled internal combustion engine as the source. As a result, the merits of using the fundamental equations for preliminary design considerations for muffler systems were demonstrated.


Acoustic wave reflection; Acoustic wave transmission; Computer simulation; Design; Impedance matching (acoustic); Insertion losses; Mathematical models; Mufflers; Chamber muffler; Exhaust muffler system; Impedance mismatch; Software Package WAVE; Transmission Loss

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