Effect of phonetic context on women's vowel area

Janine Chesworth, Kim Coté, Colleen Shaw, Sandra Williams, Megan Hodge


A basic methodological isue for a variable that was identified as one important acoustic correlate of speech intelligibility was addressed. This variable was vowel quadrilateral area (VQA). VQA refers to the area enclosed in the quadrilateral formed by a plot of the coordiantes for the first and second major vocal tract resonances of the corner vowels. Visual inspection of the VQA plots revealed that increases in F2 frequency values for /u/ contributed most to reduced VQA in non-neutral phonetic context conditions.


Bandwidth; Calculations; Electric frequency measurement; Mathematical models; Natural frequencies; Pathology; Speech analysis; Speech intelligibility; Statistical tests; Stereophonic recordings; Analysis of variance; Formant frequencies; Phonetic context; Vowel quadrilateral area

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