Application of DOW-QUASH to limiting community noise

C. Buma


Annoyance with community noise occurs in all degrees of severity and in all contexts (rural, urban, etc). The degree of annoyance can usually be anticipated based on familiarity with "average-hearing" of the "typical" human listener. With regard to potential noise mitigation, the task is then first to assess the disturbance claim, and, if deemed valid, develop feasible solutions. This paper outlines the application of a relatively new noise control product to provide a "path'-based solution (as opposed to treating the noise "at-source" or "at-receiver")


noise abatement; noise pollution; polyethylene insulation; DOW-QUASH application; community noise; annoyance; urban noise; rural noise; average-hearing; human listener; potential noise mitigation; disturbance claim; noise solutions; noise control product; path-based solution; complainant; noise reduction; polyethylene cellular product

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