Detectsound Version 2: A software tool for adjusting the level and spectrum of acoustic warning signals

Y. Zheng, C. Giguère, C. Laroche, C. Sabourin


Detectsound Version 1 is the first of practical software tool for predicting the detectability of acoustic warning signals in real-life conditions, taking into account the hearing status of the target population, the background noise in the workplace and the wearing of hearing protection. It is used to design safer warning signals and to propose modifications for existing signals in terms of spectral content and overall sound pressure level. This paper presents a comprehensive revision of Detectsound to update the main algorithm and to expand the available options to account for the hearing status of workers.


Acoustic surface wave filters; Alarm systems; Algorithms; Computer software; Estimation; Frequencies; Graphical user interfaces; Spectrum analysis; Statistical methods; Acoustic warning signal; Auditory filter; Background noise spectrum; Detectsound; Loudness estimation

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