The auditory and visual attentional blink in Schizophrenia

Elzbieta B. Slawinski, Kim M. Goddard, Peter J. Wass


Individuals with schizophrenia demonstrated a reduced ability to discriminate two-but not one-target(s) in a stream of distractors, independent of modality. These findings extend the previous research of visual-spatial attention deficits by demonstrating similar impairments in the temporal domain, providing the task at hand was cognitively demanding. To the extent that functional consequences can be extrapolated from the experimental studies, then the finding of deficits in the temporal allocation of attention likely have implications for those everyday activities.


Audition; Brain; Cognitive systems; Diseases; Psychophysiology; Vision; Attentional dysfunction; Auditory; Schizophrenia; Visual attentional blink

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