Road traffic noise - the selection of a proposed a preferred route


  • N. Gross Wilkinson Murray Pty Ltd., Crow Nest, NSW, Australia


acoustic noise, noise pollution, road traffic, road traffic noise, route selection process, value management workshop, road design, RTA requirements, noise level


For new road projects the route selection process is an essential part of determining the preferred route. This includes many selection parameters of which noise is just one. Technical information which includes some form of noise assessment needs to be provided at the value management workshop which would occur early in the road design and is a requirement of the EIS process. However, normally little or no data is available regarding the different options with the exception of several coloured lines on a map. The required input to the VM workshop is that these route options need to somehow be ranked. This frame is 1 week and the budget may only be a few thousand dollars. This article should not be considered as a research paper but rather as a technical note which may prove beneficial to those assessing road traffic noise in order to satisfy RTA requirements

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