Good, good, good vibrations!!! [biological effect of vibrations]


  • C. Hulbert


bioacoustics, biological effects of acoustic radiation, vibrations, frequencies, waveforms, interference patterns, sand, biological matter, bacteria growth, plant seed germination, plant growth, 1000 Hz, 790 Hz, 200 Hz, 3000 Hz, 8500 Hz


Have you ever had a car pull up beside yours with the base booming so loud that your car vibrates? When that happened, did you ever think about the effects that those vibrations must be having on you as well as the person in the booming car, or just on matter in general? Normally when we think of vibrations, we think of sound and particularly music. But in truth, vibrations are much greater part of our lives and through my investigations, I hope to show you that. This paper explores the relationship between frequencies and waveforms that produce defined interference patterns in sand and their effects on biological matter - bacteria growth and plant seed germination and growth

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