Aircraft noise and sleep disturbance: A review of field studies


  • David S. Michaud Product Safety Programme, Consum./Clin. Radiat. Protect. Bur., Health Canada, 775 Brookfield Road, Ottawa, Ont. K1A 1C1


Acoustic noise, Aircraft, Airports, Diseases, Electroencephalography, Health hazards, Probability, Societies and institutions, Aircraft noise event (ANE), Aircraft noise-induced sleep disturbance (AN-ISD), Maximum sound levels (Lmax), Motility


The study conducted to assess aircraft noise-induced sleep disturbance (AN-ISD) in the UK, US, and the Netherlands was reviewed. It was observed that at outdoor maximum sound levels (Lmax) above 80 dBA, the probability of an awakening was 1 in 75, while aircraft noise events (ANE) were unlikely to cause an awakening below the level of 80 dBA. It was also observed that the mean indoor sound exposure level (SEL) of a noise event that awakened subjects was 80.6 dB, while events with an SEL of 74.1 dB failed to awaken subjects. It was highlighted that the aircraft noise can be a significant source of sleep disturbance for a small percentage of a population exposed to nightime aircraft noise.




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