A low-noise directional microphone system

Jim Ryan, Brian Csermak


A method, Low-noise directional system, for improving the SNR in directional microphone applications, is presented. The proposed method provides the maximum directional gain for a prescribed allowable degradation in SNR. The system limits the amount of noise amplification at low frequencies by replacing the pure time delay of the conventional system with a frequency-specific phase shift. It is observed that if a high loss of SNR can be tolerated, the phase shift approaches that of a conventional directional system. It is also observed that if there is a desire to limit SNR loss, then the phase shift deviates significantly from that of a conventional system.


Acoustic noise; Amplification; Frequencies; Hearing aids; Phase shift; Signal to noise ratio; Wave filters; Directivity index (DI); Low-noise directional systems; Noise amplification; Optional equalizer filters

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