Music teachers' noise exposure


  • Dejan Zivkovic OSHTECH Incorporated, 400 York Street, London, Ont. N6B 3N2
  • Peter Pityn OSHTECH Incorporated, 400 York Street, London, Ont. N6B 3N2


Audiometers, Cost effectiveness, Database systems, Dosimetry, Hearing aids, Noise pollution, Students, Audiometeric hearing tests, Hearing loss, Noise exposure


A survey conducted to determine music teachers' professional noise exposure in secondary schools and to assess their risk of hearing loss is discussed. For the study, noise exposures of 6 music teachers at six different secondary schools within the same board of education were measured. The results show that there is a potential risk of hearing loss for music teacher. It is suggested that students also can be exposed to high noise levels while playing instruments, but the duration of their exposure is much shorter than the teacher's.



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Zivkovic D, Pityn P. Music teachers’ noise exposure. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2004Sep.1 [cited 2021Apr.12];32(3):84-5. Available from:



Proceedings of the Acoustics Week in Canada

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