Angular response of a sound intensity probe at high frequencies

S.E. Keith, V. Chiu


The measurement of the polar response of a 1/2 inch p-p intensity probe and 12 mm spacer in 1/3-octave band frequencies was studied. It was observed that the probe was mounted 2.44 m above the tweeter sound source in a frame made of 6 mm diameter steel rod. It was shown that a 1/2 inch p-p intensity probe can approximate the ideal intensity response up to 10 kHz. It was suggested that sound power measurements at 5 kHz using large planar measurement surfaces could give lower results than obtained with the same measurement over a hemispherical measurement surface.


Acoustic noise; Acoustic variables measurement; Amplifiers (electronic); Approximation theory; Cables; Fast Fourier transforms; Frequencies; Microphones; Robots; Omnidirectional sources; Pink noise; Planar measurement surfaces; Pressure-residual intensity

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