Acoustic analysis of MRI scanners

W. Shao, C.K. Mechefske


The acoustic noise radiation from gradient coils in MRI scanners was investigated using a analytical model of finite cylindrical ducts with infinite flanges. The radiation impedances was calculated for a finite cylindrical duct with rigid and absorptive walls. The total sound pressure inside the duct can be calculated by satisfying the boundary conditions at the wall and the open ends. The five peaks in frequency spectra was observed due to wave reflections at the open ends that reach their maximum value at the cut-off frequency and causes acoustic resonance.


Acoustic impedance; Boundary conditions; Boundary element method; Ducts; Flanges; Frequencies; Magnetic resonance imaging; Mathematical models; Pressure effects; Resonance; Scanning; Velocity measurement; Wave propagation; Acoustic pressure; Acoustic resonances; Sound pressure; Velocity amplitudes

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