Performance of ultrasonic imaging with frequency-domain SAFT

Daniel Lévesque, Alain Blouin, Christian Néron, Jean-Pierre Monchalin


The defect detection using ultrasonic imaging with frequency-domain SAFT (F-SAFT) is discussed. The F-SAFT provides an accurate and time-efficient algorithm for 3-D reconstruction. F-SAFT allows data processing in the 3-D Fourier space using angular spectrum method. It facilitates synchronization of ultrasonic signals scattered back in the different directions. F-SAFT when combined with ultrasonic imaging is found to be efficient in detecting inclusion in steel slabs.


Algorithms; Computational methods; Data processing; Fourier transforms; Frequency domain analysis; Problem solving; Signal to noise ratio; Steel; Stress corrosion cracking; Time domain analysis; Beam detection; Penetrant testing (PT); Ultrasound generation

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