Acoustic pulse propagation through stably stratified lower atmosphere

Igor Chunchuzov, Sergey Kulichkov


The effects of meso-scale wind speed fluctuations associated with IGWs on the statistical characteristics of the parameters of the acoustic pulses in stable ABL were studied. An acoustic pulse sounding method based on the existence existence of an acoustic wave guide near ground surface was used to measure meso-scale wind speed and temperature fluctuations. It was observed that the acoustic pulses of stable form were generated due to detonation ofthe air-propane mixture with the repetition period of 30 seconds. It was also observed that the sum of phase differences was close to zero within a frequency interval and this fact indicated a wave like character of the observed low-frequency fluctuations.


Atmospheric acoustics; Parameter estimation; Pulse generators; Tomography; Vectors; Wave propagation; Waveguides; Atmospheric boundary layer (ABL); Frequency intervals; Pulse sounding; Signal propagation

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