Does a continuous masker makes speech comprehension in noise effortful?

Antje Heinrich, Bruce A. Schneider


The study of speech perception in noise with the use of a continuous masker was discussed. To comprehend speech in noise, listeners not only have to attend to the target speech but also have to extract the meaning from the individual word and phrases for future uses. In order to test hypotheses word pairs were presented in discontinuous babble but not in the interval between words. This preserved the masking character of the babble at word presentation prevent the auditory system and monitor the babble over longer periods of time in order to minimize its influence on word perception.


Acoustic noise; Attenuation; Cognitive systems; Digital to analog conversion; Education; Sensory perception; Signal processing; Signal to noise ratio; Students; Air conduction; Noise conditions; Noisy environments; Speech perception in noise (SPIN)

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