SWAMI and ASSA for geoacoustic inversion

James A. Theriault, Colin Calnan


Shallow water active-sonar modeling initiative (SWAMI) toolset used at DRDC Alantic for geoacoustic inversion was described. The toolset is capable of producing predictions of transmission loss, reverberation, signal excess and probability of detection. The tool set allows the environment to vary both azimuthally and radially. The reverberation inversion was performed by using an adaptive simplex simulated annealing (ASSA) technique. It was found that the inversion approach was capable of generating geoacoustic parameters that closely replicates the input time series.


Arrays; Computer simulation; Data acquisition; Data reduction; Hydrophones; Inverse kinematics; Mathematical models; Parameter estimation; Sensors; Simulated annealing; Time series analysis; Adaptive simplex simulated annealing (ASSA); Geoacoustic parameters; Shallow water active-sonar modeling initiative (SWAMI); Steering angles

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