Field trials of geophones as arctic acoustic sensors

Stan E. Dosso, Garry J. Heard, Michael Vinnins, Slobodan Jovic


The practical issues concerning the use of ice-mounted geophones as Arctic acoustic sensors are discussed. The issues are the ability to determine absolute bearing to an acoustic source in the water column and the ability to determine absolute sensor bearing via short baseline global positioning system (GPS). A real-time heading determination algorithm was developed using a double-difference carrier phase approach and integer ambiguity resolution on-the-fly to determine the three-dimensional vector between two GPS antennas. Arctic field trials indicated that the approach can resolve the absolute bearing at high latitudes to uncertainties of less than 3°.


Acoustic signal processing; Acoustic waves; Algorithms; Global positioning system; Polarization; Sea ice; Sensors; Wave filters; Acoustic sources; Geophones; Seismo-acoustic propagation; Water columns

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