Extraction of the vocal tract area function by external stimulus

Hocine Teffahi, Bernard Guerin, Amar Djeradi


Knowledge of vocal tract area function is important for the understanding of phenomena occurring during speech production. We present here a new measurement method based on external excitation of the vocal tract with a known pseudo-random sequence, where the area function is obtained by a linear prediction analysis applied at the cross-correlation between the sequence and the signal measured at the lips. The advantages of this method over methods based on sweep-tones or white noise excitation are (1) a much shorter measurement time (about 100 ms), and (2) the possibility of speech sound production during the measurement. This method has been checked against classical methods through systematic comparisons on a small corpus of vowels. Moreover, it has been verified that simultaneous speech sound production does not perturb significantly the measurements. This method should thus be a very helpful tool for the investigation of the acoustic properties of the vocal-tract in various cases such as vowels.


Acoustic noise; Acoustic waves; Frequencies; Knowledge acquisition; Signal processing; Transfer functions; Cross-correlation; Noise excitation; Tones; Vocal tract


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