Kalman filtering of acoustic emission signal generated by laser-material interactions

Dmitry S. Solodovnikov, Evgueni V. Bordatchev


The applicability of the Kalmann Filtering for on-line monitoring of the laser material removal process (LMRP) was studied. The study was based on the informational properties of the acoustic emission (AE) signal generated by the surface acoustic waves in the laser-material interaction zone. A periodic signature with a period of applied laser pulses was selected for characterization of the LMRP's dynamic characteristic. The system matrices of the state space representation of the model were identified that allowed calculation of Kalman filters and evaluation of the measured, estimated and predicted LMRP's characters.


Acoustic emissions; Acoustic surface wave devices; Condition monitoring; Laser pulses; Lasers; Removal; Signal processing; Laser material removal process (LMRP); Laser-material interactions; State space representation; Surface acoustic waves

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