An evaluation of the impact and feasibility of the ANSI S3.22 2003 standard for testing hearing instruments

Andreas Seelisch, Susan Scollie


An evaluation of the feasibility of the ANSI S3.22 2003 Standard, adopted in May 2005, to document any electroacoustic changes, is discussed. The standard maintains comparison and reproducibility of Hearing Instrument (HI) measures. The main idea behind the standard was to determine the ease and time consumption involved in testing by the new standards and evaluate the general changes in electroacoustic performance attribute. The study showed that electroacoustic changes are present as a result of the change in wording, a decrease in gain at RTP and an increase in attack, and release times at some frequencies.


Acoustoelectric effects; Frequencies; Standards; ANSI S3.22 2003 standard; Electroacoustic performance; Hearing Instrument (HI)

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