Tuned mass dampers for soldier field stadium grandstand vibration

Mal P. Sacks, Ramin Behboudi, John C. Swallow


The design and testing of Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) for the west grandstand of the newly renovated Soldier Field Stadium in Chicago are presented. Finite element analysis of the upper west grandstand indicated vibration levels in excess of established limits due to crowd-induced dynamic loadings. Twenty-one TMD's were designed and applied to the upper grandstand perimeter covering almost 1000 linear feet with a total sprung weight of 840,000 pounds. The tests suggest that the TMD's are providing significant reduction of vibration levels in the design frequency range of 1.5 Hz to 2.7 Hz, and eliminate all resonant peaks in the 2 Hz to 3 Hz frequency band.


Damping; Equipment testing; Finite element method; Frequencies; Resonance; Vibrations (mechanical); Dynamic loadings; Frequency range; Resonant peaks; Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD)

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