Measurement and modelling of the response of the cat eardrum to large static pressures

Hanif M. Ladak, W. Robert J. Funnell, Willem F. Decraemer, Joris J.J. Dirckx


A study was carried out to observe the effect of inclusion of geometric nonlinearity in an FE model. The inclusion allows simulation of the stiffening behavior of the eardrum with increasing pressure. The eardrum is modelled as being isotropic, homogeneous throughout its thickness, and uniform across its surface. The results show that the by increasing the stiffness of the superior third of the posterior pars tensa in the model has the effect of shifting the maximum inferiorly and of decreasing its magnitude.


Computer simulation; Finite element method; Geometry; Pressure effects; Stiffness; Eardrum; Geometric nonlinearity; Posterior pars tensa; Static pressures

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