Relationship between measures of intelligibility and phonetic accuracy in children with and without cleft palate

Carrie L. Gotzke, Megan M. Hodge


Relationship between the speech intelligibility probe for children with cleft plate (SIP-CCLP) intelligibility scores and intelligibility scores obtained from a spontaneous speech sample for children with and without cleft palates was analyzed. The mean age of the 12 children with cleft palate was 51.2 mos and of the 12 children without cleft palate was 50.1 mos. Audio recording were made into a quiet environment directly to a personal computer as digital audio files. It was found that the phonetic accuracy (PA) scores for the children with cleft palate were significantly lower than those for the children without cleft palate.


Audition; Personal computers; Speech; Speech analysis; Stereophonic recordings; Cleft plate; Digital audio files; Phonetic accuracy (PA); Spontaneous speech

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