Acoustic and articulatory space before and after lateral tongue resections in oral cancer patients

Orchid Rastadmehr, Tim Bressmann, Chiang-Le Heng, Jonathan C. Irish


The impact of lateral tongue resections on midsagittal tongue movement and vowel production was analyzed. Nine patients, male and female from 30 to 55 years of age underwent partial lateral tongue resections with different reconstructions. The participants' vowel space was evaluated by measuring the first and second formant frequencies during the steady-state phases of the second vowel in each of the VCN sequences. The measurement values for the motion ranges at different grid angles demonstrated that the distance of the midsagittal tongue surface increased posoperatively.


Biological organs; Biomechanics; Speech analysis; Tumors; Formant frequencies; Lateral tongue resections; Oral cancer; VCN sequences

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