First-order speckle statistics of ultrasound breast images synthesized from a computational anatomy model

Yi-Ting Shen, James C. Lacefield


A three-dimensional breast anatomy model and image synthesis were implemented for future use in numerical studies of aberration correction and lesion detection in ultrasound imaging. A two-dimensional cross-section with 0.015 mm sample spacing was extracted from the anatomy model and input to a k-space ultrasound propagation simulator. Each image was partitioned in sixteen 2.0 × 4.5 mm2 regions of interest (ROI). It was found that the point signal to noise (SNR) ratio of the breast model was 1.50 ± 0.30 and was significantly less than the theoretical value of 1.91 for Rayleigh-distributed speckle.


Biological organs; Image analysis; Imaging systems; Medical imaging; Rayleigh scattering; Signal to noise ratio; Speckle; Statistical methods; Aberration correction; Computational anatomy model; Rayleigh-distributed speckle; Regions of interest (ROI)

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