Infrasound from wind turbines - Fact, fiction or deception

Geoff Leventhall


Infrasound is discussed in terms of what it actually is, how the media has dealt with it and what those with limited knowledge say about it. The perception of infrasound occcurs at levels higher than the levels produced by wind turbines and there is now agreement amongst acousticians that infrasound from wind turbines is not a problem. Statements on infrasound from objectors are considered and it is shown how these may have caused avoidable distress to residents near wind turbines and also diverted attention from the main noise source, which is the repeating sound of the blades interacting with the tower. This is the noise which requires attention, both to reduce it and to develop optimum assessment methods.


Electric power generation; Noise abatement; Spurious signal noise; Turbomachine blades; Acousticians; Infrasound; Noise sources; Optimum assessment methods

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