Acoustic and geophysical measurement of infrasound from wind farm turbines

Howard G. Hepburn


An experiment was conducted to measure and characterize infrasound (and higher frequency acoustic energy) from turbines at a wind farm in Southern Alberta. Simultaneous telemetry and point measurements were acquired from three sensor types: low frequency geophones, acoustic microphones, and a precision sound analyzer. Measurements were recorded for three wind states: low, medium, and high. Down wind telemetry measurements were recorded for thirty (30) continuous 50m offsets, up to a distance of 1450 m from the wind farm. Point measurements, coincident with the telemetry measurements, were acquired with a low frequency precision sound analyzer for two offsets: 50m and 1000m from the turbines. The same measurements were recorded with the turbines on, and with the turbines off. The low frequency results of the experiment are presented in this paper.


Microphones; Noise pollution; Spurious signal noise; Telemetering; Acoustic microphones; Down wind telemetry measurements; Point measurements; Sound analyzer

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