Directivity patterns for a short line array of barrel-stave flextensional transducers


  • Dennis F. Jones Defence R and D Canada - Atlantic, P.O. Box 1012, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3Z7, Canada


Antenna arrays, Delay circuits, Dipole antennas, Directional patterns (antenna), Barrel-stave flextensional transducers, Cardioid patterns, Directivity patterns, Rotating stations


The directivity patterns of short line array of barrel-stave flextensional transducers, was investigated. The four-element line array of 1.3 m with a 40 cm inter-element spacing was used with amplifiers for driving each transducers. A four-channel Wavetek 650 synthesizer was used to apply phase and time delays. The directivity patterns of transducers were measured using a rotating station at a water depth of 30.5 m using the radiation patterns produced by driving the two center elements 180° out of phase. It was observed that the cardioid patterns were produced using same two center elements by driving 96°out of phase at 800 Hz while solid curve type radiation patterns were obtained on driving all four elements in phase at 1640 Hz. Result shows that an omnidirectional pattern can be created by exciting a single elements while cardioid and dipole-like patterns can be obtained from driving two elements out of phase.




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