Transmission loss of ultra lightweight concrete block


  • Frank Babic Swallow Acoustic Consultants Limited, 366 Revus Ave., Mississauga, Ont. L5G 4S5, Canada


Acoustics, Masonry construction, Regression analysis, Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC), Transmission loss


Transmission loss of ultra lightweight concrete block were measured in-situ and the FSTC (Field Sound Transmission Class) was established using the ASTM Standards.. Block wall constructions that were investigated include the untreated block, conditions with the block sealed and batt insulation installed on one side. The field STC performance was compared to earlier laboratory test results of Northwood and Monk [6] as well as predicted performance provided by National Concrete Masonry Association methods [2]. The field transmission loss of the ulta lightweight block showed that low field STC ratings are realized, due to the porous nature of the block, and that the block must be sealed to provide high field STC ratings. Further, the results showed that regression equation of Reference 2 is seen to provide an over-estimation of the STC rating for unsealed ultra lightweight block.

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